Pace and patience

Lessons I learned in life

You cannot fight every battle

You will burn out
You cannot swim against the current

You will drown

You cannot save the world

Who will save you

That doesn’t mean you do nothing

Say nothing

Be nothing

Pick your fights wisely

Take a stand

Do what you can

When you can





Sometimes you just have to let things play out

Even firefighters let some blazes flame out

If everything is important

Then nothing is important









This is not a Sprint

It’s not a race

Life changes

Day by day

The only thing that remains the same

Is change

This is your marathon

You set the pace

Everything doesn’t call for a reaction

Stay focused

Don’t get distracted

Maybe it’s not for you

Find your passion

It wasn’t yours anyway

Then let them have it



Until it’s a habit

It’s not that serious

Why so dramatic

No theatrics

Just remain static

Nothing is horrible

Nor fantastic


Everything is average

Would you rather live decently

Or die a Savage


We all have been neglected


Spit out

And dissected

What you have earned

You will protect it

We all want to feel protected

If it is given

Without hard work

For no reason

It is probably leaving

It has no value

Purpose meaning

Sometimes things fall apart

Sometimes you go through hell

Cooler heads will always prevail

Things get old

Things get stale

Take a break

Refresh yourself

Express yourself

Be yourself

Express yourself

Love yourself

Trust yourself

Then you help everyone else

Of you desire

Refrain from violence

Make them wonder how you got it

Move in silence

Even when you hit the jackpot

Keep very quiet

Remain humble

Do the right things

At the right time

For the right reasons

Life is a mirage

People are decieving

Some will come into your list

Others leaving

Some see your strengths

Some exploit your weakness

Above all

Don’t stop believing

Stand tall

You may take some losses

But you are not defeated


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