Enjoy the ride

Everything has a season

Everything happens for a reason

Take what you can


Don’t stop believing

You are following your own path

Some rough terrain

Some things get bad

You will get upset

Have some regrets

And fail some tests

But during that drive

Sometimes great people come into our lives

Your journey is intertwined

They open your eyes

Make you realize

That everything is alright

You enjoy every moment

And make the best of your time

And make good memories as you go through life

These people reach their destination at different times

So you have to keep driving and wave goodbye

Tears fill your eyes

It’s ok to cry but you have to trust your guide

Pull off and refocus

You got it and you knowing

Keep going and keep growing

You may be bruised but not broken

No looking back

Just smile and laugh

Realizing it’s not that bad

Different maps different paths

You have to see the light

Take your time

Read the signs

Don’t go left if you must go right

Take breaks it’s alright

You can’t drive day and night

Get out and see the sights

Recognize the season

Wearing a fur coat in the summer?

What’s your reason

Or shorts in the December

So ridiculous just like toxic friendships

Others last forever

For the bad and for the better

They comfort you as you both go through

And you do better together

Enjoy your journey

Change is good

Everybody needs somebody sometimes

Turn on the radio and enjoy the drive


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