You know

You know my name

You know my age

You know my hurt

You know my pain

You know when I am feeling anxious and feeling brave

You know that sometimes I am not okay

You know what to do and what to say

You know when to come closer and to stay away

You know when to enter my space

You know how to tell me that I am safe

You know the expressions on my face

You know how to interpret abstract things

I get you the same way

You don’t have to say a thing

It’s ok don’t explain

You make me explore

You make me think

You make me want more for myself

Even inspirational people need some help

I can’t help others and neglect myself

Putting out fires while in hell

It’s like pouring gasoline on myself

Instead you offer help

Had to tell you how I felt

We are just playing the hands we are dealt

Cold hearts let them melt

When they thaw

They’ll be so raw

Cut Everything off verbal saw

Protect and destroy at all costs

I gave my all that’s my fault

That’s my flaw

I won’t fail and I won’t fall

Toxicity is cutoff

Only I can control my thoughts

I just want to results

So hard yet so soft


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