Rest and reset

I am so inspired

Yet so tired

I feel so low

As go higher

As I grow

I get brighter

Cheering myself on as I go

My own strength I admire

Bad habits I’ve outgrown

I no longer fear the unknown

So far apart yet so close

I just feel so alone

So vulnerable so exposed

For what I have told

For what I have shown

But I know it’s right, it wasn’t wrong

This I know

Holding on not letting go

Moving so fast but living slow

I need to rest my weary soul

Then I wake feeling so

Amazing and incredible

So refreshed and full of hope

Life is so beautiful

Sometimes we need to rest

So we can be our best

Sometimes when we are feeling stressed

It’s ok to lie in bed

You are still alive your not dead

Take sometime to clear your head

It’s not finished yet

Push pause and hit reset

Arise again when you are refreshed

Take care of yourself no neglect

Make mistakes no regrets

Except for those hickeys on your neck

That’s so trashy what the heck

I am being silly what did you expect

I like jokes not cigarettes

You will never be perfect

What don’t you get

Don’t you dare get upset

You are awesome don’t forget

Dust yourself off and get over it

Your issues are small life is big

Hug yourself hug a friend

Go and do great things again

We aren’t innocent we don’t pretend

This journey keeps on going doesn’t it

So far from done it doesn’t end

I am going with the wind

Never losing but I can’t win

Show the world what you did

Who you are and where you been

You got this you can win


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