Life is short

Life is a marathon

It’s not a sprint

It’s an endurance race

Pleasure and pain

There is no prize for first place

Control your breathing

Watch your pace

Do you have what it takes

Some perserverance

Some try to escape

Who wants to live forever anyway

There is no prize

At the finish line

One thing about life

You won’t make it out alive

So open your eyes and enjoy the ride

Survival of the fittest

Even the strongest die

The strongest survive

That’s a lie

Because can’t defeat father time

Remembered by those who are left behind

The memories and feeling

Discussed amongst the living

So walk jog crawl or run

Just keep progressing

You are not done

Keep everything in perspective

Laugh cry have fun

Don’t drown in your sorrows

You can be here today and gone tomorrow

Love and forgiveness can’t be borrowed

Don’t be shallow don’t be hollow

Blaze a trail they’ll want to follow


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