I am not happy

I am content

My mood sometimes changes like the wind

I am stable that is it

I live in the now

I enjoy the moment

I will never own it

I am inspired

It’s a lie to say I don’t get tired

The pain and struggle

I won’t forget

It’s hard to smile

I don’t frown

I don’t bow

I look up now

Although at times I feel so down

Head held high

Don’t open my mouth

Don’t make a sound

The silence is deafening

My mind is loud

I take a deep breath and I blow it out

I am holding back because of doubt

Remembering that little child

That turned his life around

I was always worthy I know it now

The universe has worked it out

Where is my mountain top

I want to shout

The lost soul has been found

Tidal wave I didn’t drown

I am a king I don’t need a crown

In your feet don’t ever bow


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