I know how you feel

It’s how I still feel and once felt

Like why won’t anybody offer me some help

Then I realized I must help myself

Before I can expect help from anyone else

It’s not about me or the cards I was dealt

It was my perspective and attitude above all else

I wantchange but you are what you accept

So why be upset when you tolerate neglect

Permit disrespect

Are you fed up yet

What do you expect

When this is what you accept

It’s the standard that you set

Expecting things and people to change

Text book definition of insane

When we choose to stay

Who else can we blame

When we treat it as a game

And our days are the same

And we feel ashame

That things are this way

We have to say not today

And mean what we say

Choose to be okay

Choose to feel safe

Know that we are great

Happiness is within and you have to want it

This is your life and you have to own it

Or continue living with disappointment

If it’s a pattern and it happens all the time

And you aren’t deaf or blind

Yet you feel bad or cry

And you’ve tried and tried

And your emotions are messing with your mind

Give something else a try

It doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine



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