Capture the times of your life

Oh wow look at that
Stay right there I’ll be rights back
Then it’s gone way to fast
I wish I could make it last
A camera is what I wish I had
These moments are in the past
You can rewind in your mind
Or you can take a device that can capture the time
You you can record or take still pictures
Wherever you go it’s still with ya
You don’t have to be geek or hipster
You just want to remember
A camera is saw amazing
So why are you waiting
Go capture memories
The flowers the trees
Good times with friends and family
The birds the bees the the clouds the leaves
Whatever it is that you see
And find interesting
As the years go by you can look back at your life
And think of the time that you felt so alive
Or almost died or shred the photo of that mean ex wife
And know that to be old and wise is alright
But man were you hot and so damn fine
Nothing really matters because you don’t mind
Looking at the things you saw with your eyes
Look a little harder and you will be surprised
Memories are nothing without a story to tie
So you pull out a pen and began to write
Put in a box or book it’s only ride
Then when you die they’ll have insight
And you inscribe dude that was a hell of a ride
No one could replicate it so don’t even try
Love ya bye look for me on the other side
Capture some memories in between that time
Live and love your life
Even that mean ex wife
At one point she was alright
One thing about life
You will never make out alive
I am still teaching though I died
I already told you bye
I hope this survives
Oh those were the times
And another thing… Nevermind
Everything is fine



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