Preaching to myself

Only a few things you can control in life. How you treat others and how you react to events and circumstances. Self regulation is key. Everything must be done proportionally and in moderation. That’s called balance. We are constantly seeking a state of homeostasis. Trying to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. That’s how peace is achieved and maintained. We will never truly master ourselves but the likelihood of us changing ourselves is abundantly greater than the chance we might change others. Be the example you want others to emulate. No matter how hard you try or pray you can never want it more for them than they want it for themselves. You have to know you are enough. You are complete. You don’t need anyone else to complete you. They can enhance and inspire you to do better. But there is not one person or one thing that can compete you or bring you sustained happiness. It already lies within you. Happiness is a state of mind. You are one whole. You may be fractured or chipped but you are not incomplete. You can only complete you. Hurt people hurt people. To be good you have to believe that you are good. You cannot believe the words of others. Good or bad they don’t define you. You are your truth. You are what you believe you are. Not what you say you are. We regulate, inhibit and control ourselves. You are the master of your fate. You control and influence your own destiny. You cannot control much beyond your sphere. You are not your emotions. They are sympathetic of how you are feeling. Embrace and aknowledge them but you must also confront the cause of these feelings, that influence your emotions. Self awareness is the key. These feelings are fleeting and transient. You are searching for stability. You seek stability and understanding. You want clarity in predictably. Yet you operate in chaos. Therefore your wants and reality contradict each other. They must be in line and complimentary. Therefore you must prioritize what you want to normalize. Develop a simple repeatable process. Commit to it and not deviate. Then constantly conduct self assessments. Develop quantifiable and qualitative metrics to determine Am I doing the right things and am I doing things right. Am I maximizing my time. Am I doing things in the most efficient and effective manner. Don’t compare who you are now to others. Compare yourself to yourself. Are my situations and circumstances better today than a month a year, decade ago. Am I better person in comparison to that same timeframe. In what regards? Are my expectations feasible, reasonable, acceptable and sustainable. What are my goals and dreams. Is my timeline in realistic. Am I making progress. How do I define success. As situations and circumstances change so do these other things. Some things you outgrow, others are no longer important and others become your priority. This is why reassessment is important. Above all am I content on this journey and am I sharing and giving back. You know yourself better than anyone else therefore be honest with yourself. Seek advice and criticism from others. Feedback is important for growth. If you are not growing why

Is this a plateau? Are you digressing? Dying? What? Are you dying. Why aren’t you trying. Grow. Remain humble, accept failure as an option, be resilient and keep going. You got this. You know your passion. You know your motivation. Embrace it. Walk in it. Own it. Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Through it all be mindful. Nothing is promised to anyone. We are all God’s children. We are all special. We are unique. Everybody is somebody to someone. At our core we all have the same essential needs and want to be aknowledged. Communicate and be respectful. Enjoy the journey and go with the flow. Love yourself because you are worthy. You are enough. You have always been enough. Seek out like minded people. Forgive, apologize. You aren’t always right. Live. Give. Help. Share. Care. Have empathy and sympathy. Love. You got this.


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