Evolution of an alcoholic

This is the story of a functional alcoholic

If I had a problem the drink would solve it

An irrational actor

A natural disaster

A uncomfortable

Selfish bastard

That drink I had to have it

Without it life tragic

My bottle I must find it

Mix my own potion, make my own magic

Crazy Facebook status

Didnt try to hide it

Party over here everyone is invited

I will get violent

When I got excited

Flip everything over and start a riot

All I wanted was a liquid diet

Thinking to myself you haven’t died yet

I was in distress

Yet performing at my best

How I dealt with stress

I didn’t rest

It was self evident not complex

Self medication is how dealt with stress

This is a functional alcoholic at his best

My whole life was a mess

Drink and drive

I didn’t have to have to hide

I still wonder why I am still alive

I drank alone

I drank at home

Then hit the road

A rolling Stone

I hit the club

They showed me love

I be like dude I am so tore up

Sit our table don’t throw up

I started drinking at work

It wouldn’t hurt

Sunday morning I’d be in church

Then it’s back to skirts

I did my dirt

I would laugh and flirt

Monday morning back to work

Man my head hurts

My tolerance was high, I wasn’t average

I made my name I was established

Nobody could tell me to quit my habit

Then I heard the words that sounded tragic

They were harsh, I mean bad

You have turned into your dad

Who the f__are you

That is not true

I can quit

I don’t want to

You are a fool

Just look at you

What you put your family through

What makes you do the things you do

I wish I hadn’t married you

I don’t care you are trying to stop my fun

Have this marriage chic I’m done

Those words stung I got drunk

Disappeared for a couple months

I needed something to make me numb

I felt like I was on the run

Rock bottom wasn’t fun

I blacked out in a strange place

Couldn’t even recognize my face

I had changed in so many ways

My life was a freaking waste

I had lost track of days

And said somethings I didn’t mean to say

Then I decided to quit one day

A 2 year binge I had to end

That’s when I lost my friends

She’d no tears

For the first time things were clear

I was done flirting with death

I had a second chance

I am ok I was blessed

10 years later I am still good

I drink wine every now and then

Antisocial still no friends

A few years ago depression set in

That’s when healing began

I never messed with harder liquor like that again

Every now and then I remember when

What I said and what I did

I am back in control

King of the throne

Alcoholism is a dead end road

My soul was cold

I hated it all

And enablers watched me fall

No longer in a fog

I will not fall

I got problems liquor can’t solve

I talk it out

Then I smile

I once was loss but I’m found

Could of been locked up

When I fell down

The universe kept me around


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