There once lived some great men

Men that I knew as friends

They died and at times I reflect and smiles they lived

Giving all that they could give

Then lives

The kids and wife

Every night I couldn’t sleep at night

Asking myself why they died

Why am I alive

How come I survived

It didn’t seem right

I was literally in those same fights

They were better men than me

My mind was imprisoned though my body was free

I became depressed

I lived with regret

When some of then died I held their hand

I got treated for PTSD

I was then able to address what was affecting me

I survived for a reason

I have a purpose

I will honor them and never stop working

I will honor them by how I live

I will not hold grudges, I forgive

Because I have a chance to do again

And I really really wish they did

I no longer dwell, I am no longer hurting

There was a bigger plan

Even though I am imperfect

No more pity parties, I am truly worth it

I put the bracelets away

It was killing me seeing you didn’t make it

I couldn’t take it

No to see KIA everyday

That means killed in action

Thanks for asking

Then suddenly everything is tragic

A viscious cycle to no end

Constant reminder I miss my friends

On memorial day I feel down

At times I reflect and smile

But that’s is only for a little while

I will not let my brothers down

I love you guys, thanks for your service

You fought hard and made us smile


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