Know yourself

Sometimes you just have to let it all go and find yourself. You have to know who you are better than anyone else. Help yourself before you help someone else. I can’t help you when I need help myself. No your strength and your weaknesses. Know your values and beliefs. Know your hopes and your dreams and all of the finer things. Know your limitations and your level of toleration. Your triggers and your hurts. Know your self worth. Know what you don’t understand. Know where you stand. Know where you want to go. Then go and make a plan. Know that you can always be a better person. Then when you are ready pull back the curtain. Then every now and then reassess again. Keep your self on path be a compass. If everyone has a problem with the things that you do. It might not be them, more than likely it’s you. Failure to be self aware will cost you in the end. You’ll find yourself by yourself as your relationships will end. There is a difference between enablers and a friend. Enablers will watch you fail, a friend will jump in. Enablers will agree, friends don’t pretend. Enablers will say I didn’t know and act innocent. A friend will call you out when you are belligerent. A friend won’t tolerate your gross ignorance. They will tell you the truth and use common sense. Don’t go around mistreating others .Then wonder why you have to struggle. The world won’t change. The world was here first. The world will remain. Therefore you can’t go around attributing blame. You must aknowledge you need to change. You can’t keep living the same way, doing the same things and questioning why your circumstances are the same way. There is a word for that is called insane. This is the truth. Change starts from within. Change starts with you.


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