Young, black and free

I am young black and free

What don’t you like about me

I am neat, I am clean

Just let me be

You do you I do me

Give me air let me breathe

I have hopes, I have dreams

I am young black and free

Is that what you see

I will not accept defeat

Is that what you despise

Because I have some pride

I am not a damn machine

I am a human being

I am angry but not very mean

Contrary to your beliefs

I am not savage or a beast

I truly come in peace

Please don’t call the police

I served my country

This is the land of the free

I went to Talibsnistan

Fought on their land

For that flag I did stand

Only to be treated bad

When I returned to my “Homeland”

Then you wonder why I am mad

Please let me speak

You suppress my vote and beliefs

Treat my people like enemies

Then when we riot in the streets

You feign disbelief

Stop oppressing me

Or telling me to leave

Fix this broken system

I am not playing victim

We are not all innocent

But your cognitive dissonance

Makes my words incoherent

My point you miss it

You become dismissive and then keep your distance

I am alot of things but not ignorant

This will not go away if you ignore it

I mean look at what has been taken from me

My self esteem, identity and history

You have priveledge that is fine

If it’s equal where is mine?

We sell weed we do time

But now it’s legalized

For your benefit, surprise

Suddenly its alright

I got boys on the inside

We do drugs and we die

Kill each other and we fight

Every community does but my side is publicized

Good Nazis on your side

Bad guys on both sides

Did you not hear me cry

You still don’t know why

Now opioids are on the rise

But the victims are mostly white

Suddenly they didn’t commit a crime

They were just getting high

They deserve compassion and they need help

Funny that’s not how you felt

When my uncle was on that crack

Locked him and that was that

Mandatory minimal

Real harsh sentences

Locking up our citizens

Filling up the prisons

No presumption of innocence

Is this what winning is?

I wear hoodies, I wear Timbs

Black and predator are synonyms

Would you consider me astute

If I dressed just like you

Cut my hair and wear a suit?

Wait let me demonstrate

Even if I assimilate

I still experience hate

My credit is good, my records great

What more does it take

Why do you hate my race

I am young black and free you will not make me fall

I just want liberty and Justice for all

Not to be followed when I go into the mall

I don’t have ebola because I cough

I refuse to whisper or talk really soft

I abide by the law

I am black and free but to you I am nothing at all

And I am supposed to believe this is all my fault

I got love for everyone

We cannot reverse the damage done

Change starts with you

All it takes is one

Instead you bring up Chicago

we are killing ourselves

These are American citizens Chicago needs help

That wouldn’t happen in Beverly Hills

Our streets shouldn’t resemble a battlefield

Yet you point fingers and sit still

Remember Emmit Till

It’s happening still

It should not matter if we are black or white

Stopping those doing wrong is always right

But it is not happening to you so everything is alright

We should all come together this our fight

Walk with me at night

Call our women welfare queens wishing they fail

Where are the father’s oh yea in jail

Expect us to be happy when we are living in hell

You should be ashamed

Acting like you are really self made

My parents couldn’t save

I didn’t inherit anything

So I choose to be that change

But right now I am enraged

You didn’t make yourself

You had some assistance and a little bit of help

Let them use welfare until they can farewell

This country is great but this country needs help

I am holding up a mirror just look at yourself

Homophobia, xenophobia have always prevailed

I am young black and free just look at my hair

I am bold and opinionated I have never been scared

Open your eyes the truth is out there

I am not calling for the end of old white men

Or for atonement or reparations

I am just knocking on the door to have a conversation

To discuss what is wrong and right about our nation

Please let me in


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