I’m not narcissistic or elitist but I will never be defeated

If he can beat me then I’m going to take my beating

I am not weak so I hope you ate your Wheaties

I can see your tiny heart is so small it’s so teeny

The way my mentality is set up if I’m not working I’m not eating

I don’t have sex so I am no longer breeding

I take nothing from no one but I give to the needy

If it’s something you want to discuss then I’m there for that meeting

But just know I’m going to get my point across or I’m not leaving

You can call the cops we can put it on TV

And I speak pretty clearly so you already know the meaning

If you think you made it, you’re not living , you’re not dreaming

I don’t set goals I’m more about achieving

And the key to success is never stop believing

We are complicated people but you know what life is easy

I do what I want I’m not Reckless but I live freely

If anybody wants to stop me tell him come and see me

It looks like Stevie Wonder so I know it’s not easy

I just want what’s mine I’m not stingy I’m not greedy

And when I mark my territory is not in graffiti

I remember they used to mock me now the same people need me

Screaming please don’t go why would you leave me

Get off your knees that so trashy and so sleazy

We all have wishes I suggest you get a genie

I am nobody, don’t speak when you see me

On that note I’m out of here I get sleepy in the evening


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