Time to say goodbye

So we got in the car

We took the ride

No one spoke and no one cried

It was like the old times

But also mourning the love that died

We both realize that the end has come

We swallowed pride

We both hate feeling numb

Above all I hate looking dumb

We are not old but were not young

No apologies, what’s done is done

It was ok, it wasn’t fun

I forgive all , I have nothing to hide

Above all I know I tried

I gave her a hug and told her bye

She said I love you

I gave no reply

A fact about me I don’t lie

Conscious is clear I will survive

We rode back, the kids and I

It’s just us now let’s enjoy the time

I want food was their reply

Greedy little twits

I have serious stuff on my mind

She is gone and they don’t mind

They are me, they are mine


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