Thanks for letting me invade your space

Thanks for letting me invade your space

I know you are wondering what I might take

Who am or what you face

Everything is in it’s place

I promise I won’t rearrange or touch a thing

I just needed shelter from the rain

When the storm is over I won’t stay

Unless you want me to and that is okay

Don’t be concerned by what I might say

I am more interested in what you think

You know I am slow some days

I love your mind, what a brain

You are a diamond in the rough, like your name

My door is wide open this is where I stay

You have walk-in priveledge to my place

It’s pretty dirty and it stinks

Don’t be appalled by what you see

Lock up tight here’s a key

Again I can’t believe you let me in

That means I have a friend

I don’t have many so it’s a win

You let me in, I came inside

And when I did you blew my mind

At that point, no need to hide

I let out everything at one time

I felt bad but it felt so good

And the best thing was you understood

So much stuff that I didn’t expect

You could have ran out like screw this mess

But I felt so comfortable at your desk

While I was quite irritated and upset

And for that I give you much respect

In my mind you’re the best

You have good judgement and good taste

Right now your music plays

Especially the 90s, it’s so great

I think I read what you said

Let me know if I am correct

I am kidding let me guess

I am a guy what do you expect

From time to time I might check

But I like us just like this

Anyway you are the best

I had to get that off my chest

I tell you things when you are near

Why read when you can here

Losing this friendship is what I fear

I sucked at this through the years

I enjoy your wisdom and your presence

Your conversation and perspective

You rock, you are so intelligent

Knowing you is a blessing

I know I sound like a Stan or a hype man

I am trying to chill but right now I can’t

I am in a drought but I am not thirsty

It’s an honor I am so unworthy

I trust you not to hurt me

But if you depart I’ll understand

We won’t combust when I hold your hand

With me you never have to guess where I stand

This is an open floor plan

I am so weird and unfiltered

You are so the opposite yet so similar

Your presence is all I need

You are great you are a queen

You deserve everything

I honor you, I’d take a knee

Thanks for accepting me for me

You open my eyes and stimulated my mind

So I got curios about our vibe

I tell the truth I do not lie

I speak openly don’t be surprised

If you take offense I apologise 100 times

1000 is too man, I can’t count that high

We are good, we’re alright

You have so much potential I want to see you be great

I talk to much l. I have to much to say

Ok and another thing I am an asshole but you became my friend anyway

I am a work in progress I hope that’s okay

But I am also one compassionate, sympathetic, hard working bastard

And an awesome parent, that is what I have to say

I am leaving now I already overstayed

I just want you to know you are awesome lady

And you have a beautiful baby

Stop by and say hi, I’ll see you later

And as always F the haters


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