Why I write

People ask why I write

I write because it’s what I’m I like

To unite and incite

To explain and give advice

I don’t write for likes

I right during the day day

On the toilet and at night

I write because you may be blind and I hope my words give you sight

I know what I hate, I don’t know what I like

I write for the husband, for the kids and the wife

I write because I want peace even when I fight

Iwrite Because I am living life

I write because I am not always right

And at times I want to cry

I write because I really don’t want to die

I write because sometimes I just need to vent

I write because someone out there is feeling different

I write a lot of things

Sometimes a little bit

I right for the bright and the ignorant

For those that over think

For those with common sense

I write for respect

I write because of neglect

To remind myself I made it

But I am not finished yet

There is more to do

There is more to get

I write because I forget to remember important shit

I write to remind myself that I am important that is

And just because I cry I am not a little bitch

I write for those who helped me along the way

Even though they are no longer here with me today

Lord knows I need help each and everyday

I write for my enemies standing in my way

I write because people tend to look the other way

I write because the voiceless deserve to have their say

I write through the pain

I write to entertain

I write because I can’t contain all this turmoil in my brain

I write in good weather

I right in the rain

I write because I am flexible and I have a lot of sway

I write this I see life as a game that I don’t know how to play

I write because I am free to do so and their is no price to pay

I write because tomorrow is not promised to day

And even when I am gone my words are here to stay

I write because someone somewhere can always relate

I write to argue

I write to debate

I can be anyone I want on any given day

I write because I cannot be replaced

This is my life blood and I really like the taste


3 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. This is such a beautiful post… Every writer and blogger can relate to this… It’s amazing!!


    1. Thank you so much. I don’t have just one passion or reason to write. I write because I feel moved to do so based off of any and everything. Glad you can relate and enjoyed it.


      1. When we write what we feel, than words become more expressive and powerful and everything flows very well.


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