The process

So we’re in the room and it quiet

So akward is the silence

I told her about the letter

She doesn’t want to talk about it

As if time will make it better

She said if I send it she won’t read it

I said I have been holding this in forever

I think you really really need it

It’s literally now or never

I said it’s over she doesn’t believe it

Started talking about the weather

You will get the picture somebody is leaving

She said I am not leaving now not ever

God bless you when I drop you off this evening

I am cutting you off forever

Trying is futile I will continue breathing

I am ok with being friends

We should remains cordial for the kids

This journey has come to an end

Truthfully I don’t care it is what it is

Now she is sitting on the bed talking to herself

Telling me I am crazy

That I need help

I am just playing the cards I was dealt

I have my kids I don’t need anybody else

But eventually a companion will help


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