Rambling and scrambling not eggs

I got some issues I want get specific

Isn’t that an ocean?

No that’s Pacific

I have trouble breathing but I am not asthmatic

Well that’s good

No that’s fantastic

I bet you thought I was going to use Atlantic

Nope but I have been to Sea World and seen the black fish

I gave some money to a bad chic

She hasn’t paid me back yet

Did she look like Rhianna?

No my mattress

It’s time for me to pay my taxes

I took off my shirt because my back itch

I like her because she’s ratchet

She took my money after she scratched it

From the mattress

No the casket

I pushed her in when she grabbed my package

Things went really fast I forgot what happened

Oh that’s nasty

That’s nasty what do you mean

That’s what I call this ugly little thing

It’s a fidget spinner what did you think

It goes fast when you spin it can’t you see

Such a dirty mind OMG

I sleep in a coffin like I am dead man

But why

It sarcasm I mean my bed man

Have you been paying attention

I already said that

Next you’ll be asking where my beds at

It’s in my house what about yours

Oh same place that’s so neat

Is your house on a street

In your yard is there a tree

Wow we are twins you and me

When you were the bed does your mom get mad

Oh your 22 an you don’t do that

You no love live with your mom and your dad

That’s too bad why are they did

I can’t understand a word that you said

This stupid voice keeps talking in my head

His name is Paul he is my friend

But sometimes he says mean things

Paul says your ugly and you should go away

I think you’re cute I want you to stay

Why are we running?

Is your house this way


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