I wrote a letter

I wrote her a really long letter

No dear John

Just a I deserve better

And it’s over

No more lonely nights

As she snores by my side

It’s in my email under drafts

I can only imagine the after math

It’s so weird when you write poems for so long

You kind of turn all your words into song

Like I was really trying to rhyme

Every sentence the entire time

I can’t even tell if it sounded right

So I went back and revised

And I was smiling I didn’t cry

I hope she responds with a thorough reply

That will give me closure

I feel bad her grandma died

I won’t send in mid flight

I tried to tell her to her face

She cussed me out and called me names

I will let her enjoy new years day

And let my words marinate

I can say that on this day I had enough

I want my space

I even discussed divorce and courts

Visitation and child support

Its too sad the love I had

Is sour milk it went bad


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