Wild situation

“Shut up you little bitch”

As he hit her with his fist

Smack smack “still talking shit

Get down here and suck my dick”

“You want some more you little whore

Stop bleeding on my floor

Stop your crying it won’t help

Don’t you tell me not to yell

It’s so useless to cry for help

That’s it where is my belt

Ball up in a corner with your weak self”

Knock knocking at the door

“Hey you bastard no f’n more”

Punched him hard he hit the floor

“Now what you go and do that for”

“I am your neighbor I live next door ”

“I know who the hell you are”

“I was coming back from the store

And I heard this uproar

Don’t you touch her anymore”

As I held my gun and pulled her off the floor

“I am pretty sure you broke her jaw”

“Tell that bitch not to talk”

“She is an adult not a child”

I started pistol whipping him

Then heard pow

But my gun wasn’t loaded… How

Then appeared a little child

She had shot the old man in the hand

“What are you doing sweetie he begged”

Once more in the leg

One more shot and he’s dead

“Please don’t do something you’ll regret”

“I know you are mad and upset”

She said “I am not done yet”

I loaded 3 bullets, 1 left”

I can’t believe I am protecting this man

Give me the gun please I said

“Hand it here I understand”

I want to but I can’t

“I am really mad and really scared

He’ll come back unless he’s dead

I am going to kill him drag him to the shed”

“He’s pretty heavy so I can’t”

“You lil bit..” is all he said

Pow, right in the head

Here I am and here I stand facing down this killer kid


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