Success is process

Success is a process

Not an abstract concept

It must be sustained and up kept

You can’t celebrate you haven’t won yet

Your still working you aren’t done yet

You entered the race but haven’t run yet

Premature celebration is a set-up for upset

Breathe deeply take a deep breath

Have faith don’t doubt yourself

Run the course don’t follow anyone else

As I said it’s a process note your progress

It won’t come easy so don’t get upset

There are footprints on the moon even though I don’t think we’ve gone yet

If it was so easy why haven’t we gone back

But that’s a different post so let me fall back

All I am saying you can do it you can get it

Don’t doubt yourself just be humble and forgiving

There are satellites in space therefore I know there’s no limit

When I want something I get it

I use focus and commitment

I take lots of notes because it’s hard to pay attention

I don’t talk as much I listen

My plans I rarely mention

No time for negativity and resistance

I just remain constituent

My mind set resilient

I didn’t know you could do it t that way

That way is brilliant

People either hate or become competition

So I show a lack of interest

Then I am like look at this right after I finish

I put in work and lots of thoughts

I stay grounded I don’t take off

So if I fall I am landing soft

I ask questions and seek advice

Network and play nice

Rehearse my ideas at night

Eat right and sleep tight

Then eye open up my eyes and see the sun shining bright

And tell myself it’s going to be alright

Right after I fall I dust myself off

Still standing tall

Like it never happened at all

Learn from my mistakes

Aknowledge my faults

Soon the struggle is an after thought

I plan prepare then execute

Contingencies I got a few

Coming down and landing smooth

As if I have a parachute

When I land I know what to do

Return to earth to help you too

Anything that comes easy is worthless

You will either diregard, destroy or hurt it

It’s difference when you put that work in

It’s yours because you have earned it

Keep your hand outs and hand ups

Your fake handshakes and your hugs

You weren’t there when things got rough

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

I got my kids

Therefore I got us

My advice to you never give up

Trust the process


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