It’s ok to have a bad day

You ever wake up feeling real bad

Not been you are pissed off or nothing like that

Not because of life or your kids made you mad

Sometimes you are just plain sad

There isn’t always a reason these days occur

Just know it will get better

Even if it gets worse

Just think positive it won’t hurt

It’s definitely not a cure it doesn’t always work

Find some good music

Keep doing what you’re doing

These are just feelings

You’ll get through it

Sometimes I feel real evil

Like I can’t stand people

My words are lethal

So I choose silence

I want to start a riot

Get really violent

Or set this place on fire

But I choose quiet

For the good of everyone

Because after this place is burned down

I’ll be like what have I done

Self control is the best control

Self regulation

A little modulation

Some focus and concentration

Positive thinking

I am going to make it

Until then I will fake it

For all I hold sacred

And the karma that’s waiting

It’s alright

I will be ok

Sometimes we lose

And fall flat on our face

Just run the race we can have bad days

Just try not to do and say

a lot of bad things because they cause pain

That creates a debt and you must repay

We are our worst enemies standing in our own way

Material things can be replaced

We cannot get back the time we waste

So some days you play

Others you slay

Cut some people off

Turn the other way

Take sometime and just meditate

If you believe in God I suggest you pray

If you wake up tomorrow brand new day

Another chance to make more mistakes

We are human things happen

Just monitor your reaction


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