Silly little lies

People say new year new me

I am more like new day new me

Why do I need a whole year to know I need to fix something

Then stick to it for two short weeks

To backslide slowly then concede defeat

To make the same resoloution for next year and then repeat

This is so silly it is not unique

It’s the the textbook definition of insanity

But I am not telling you how to live

You have nothing to explain to me

Keep making those resolutions

I call it self defeat


5 thoughts on “Silly little lies

  1. The “New year, new me” phase is coming along with the “New year cut off game” featuring “my new gym membership”.


    1. Yes. With no new friends. It’s cute I guess.

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      1. Lmao! Yep, straight avoiding Facebook for the new year… their posts make me want to gag


        1. Glad you can relate. People use the same lines year after year. Lying to themselves. Don’t talk, just do it.

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