I am flawed not sorry at all

I apologise for my flaws

I am not sorry at all

I am honest and realistic

I human and flawed

Complicated and simplistic

I have made a lot of enemies

I can come across is as narcissistic

I have lost a lot of friends I am not friendly

I show little interest

Not because I don’t listen

I have a TBI so I don’t pay attention

This is not intentional I really do forget sh*t

I am a butthole but I am not ambivalent

Nor foolish but I will play ignorant

I am guilty of a lot but I so innocent

I try to talk intelligently and to be articulate

I tell the same story a thousand times but at least I am consistent

If I could do it over

It would be a little different

But If I was wrong I have made my amends

The burden is not on me if you choose not to forgive

I am far from perfect that I can admit

But you aren’t going to change me or the way that I live

But I can’t undo the past

So I don’t even pretend

I have been true to myself

From beginning through the end

I am moving forward now, I won’t say kiss my ass

I don’t dwell in the past

No need on looking back

I accept responsibility for the good and the bad

With self control and wisdom I know how to act

Focused on how I treat others and how I react

I know what to say

I am who I am who I am

I was born this way

I am self aware I know what to change

Unless you are perfect stay in your lane

We are all fallible that makes us the same

I don’t point fingers or misatribute blame

I have nothing to lose I’ve lost everything

All that means is I have so much to gain

If you are not helping stay out of my way

Public service announcement have a great day


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