Best version of you

Before you can love anyone you must love yourself

Put no one above yourself

You can try to please others but that won’t help

You cannot be anyone

Trying is fake as hell

How you feel is how I felt

Just be comfortable in the skin your in

You are not a chameleon you can’t blend in

You are unique you may not fit in

That’s alright it’s ok to be different

Embrace who you are and what you have been given

Start living not existing

Stop losing start winning

Know your truth and never give in

I Know, I know It’s lonely isn’t it

So you get emotional and show your feelings

You want to share your goals your hopes and vision

They either laugh you off of or pay you no attention

They’re not interested therefore they don’t listen

But we must break out of the Mental prison

You are resilient show commitment

There are needs and wants know the difference

Know your different

Its a beautiful thing, be persistent

If you want to give up you must resist it

When you see the light walk in it

The haters are so fake trying to be monolithic

We are not the same we are all different

Some are just pretending but they are not living

We all came from one God it’s not a competition


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