You ever run into a situation you don’t understand

You can’t handle it because there is no good plan

So you freak out and you panic

I have and I can’t stand it

Like you are the only one going through it on the entire planet

You ever needed help yet had no one to turn to

One group doesn’t care and the other will hurt you

Well that is life living with an addict

They will do anything to support their habit

And when the night is done and they completed their run

They want to know what you are mad at

They say sorry and pretend that it won’t happen again

Confess all their sins ask you to forgive

They don’t want to live

And convince you to give them another chance

You know better but you can’t

Put them out the house or kick them when the are down

So you allow them to stay around

They say thanks they won’t let you down

24 hours later they leave out of the house

Nowhere to be found

Then you feel like a clown

For believing what came out of their mouth

You know deep down it’s your fault

You are literally supporting a lost cause

And to no end at all costs

The addiction owns them, their boss

A viscious cycle a dense fog

I am gone

I can no longer hold on

Go on and find a new home

So long it is time to move on

I know I am right but it feels so wrong

Now it’s time to ignore the phone

I changed all the locks here we go


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