Ladies, let me tell you this

Us men, we ain’t shit

I mean there are some good ones here and there

But this broad generalization is mostly fair

I mean some us men we are bad

Some might say men are trash

We usually Chase what we want

And forget what we have

Take me for instance

I was such a dog I couldn’t stand commitment

Even when I was caught I was so innocent

You could show me video and I still wouldn’t admit

Girl you tripping

Then blame her like girl I am finished

I thought I was winning

I thought about myself why should I listen

Then I crashed

I lost everything I mean all I had

It didn’t feel good I wanted it back

Realized she was the only one but she turned bad

She was gone and never came back

When the shoe is on the other foot we get mad

But back to my point, men are trash

I am not telling any secrets I won’t do that

We’ll do or say whatever to get that cat

Then turnaround and disappear so so fast

Or talk down on you and stab you in the back

And destroy any trust you had

I am just saying take it slow

Easy to say I love you, let it show

Don’t play yourself let it grow

If you don’t like it let it go

Demand respect have him hold your door

Be prepared when he don’t want you anymore

Smile and wave as you close the door

This is not to say that us men don’t change

We do grow up and quit playing games

After we get tired of bumping our heads doing the same thing

Especially when you put the pressure on he knows you ain’t playing

Time and karma will open his eyes

Hopefully it’s not too late for him to try and make it right

If so oh well if not alright

Shouldn’t have wasted your time living a lie


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