Your offspring a precious thing

I love my kids

We are quite alike

They hate what I hate

They like what I like

Except their crappy music

That mess is so confusing

And crazy but not amusing

They are pretty passive

But man will they fight

They are quite active

And man do they live life

My daughter

Lord what have I done

I thank God everyday

That I only have one

She is a handful

One second she’s cool

Next minute she is going off with her attitude

Rolls her eyes and sucking her teeth in her room

So petty and rude

Young lady are you talking to me

Then when she wants something

She so nice and so sweet

Like she did nothing

She manipulates me

She’s 14 going in 21

Thank God I have two sons

The 15 year old he’s so cool

Nice with his words

He so smooth

He is an introvert

He so enlightened

But if he gets hurt

He’ll get violent

Most often he moves in silence

He is skateboarder

And he enjoys writing

When I found out

I thought that was so cool

So exciting

But I forget a lot

He said me too

He is into art

He never knew I drew

We both enjoy photography

He’s like wow I am you

I said except that I am handsome

And unlike you I am cool

He said have you looked in the mirror

I look just like you

And cool?

Um dude, who, not you

But go ahead and dream

I got you

Then my 9 year old

He came straight from my soul

He is so brash

So brave and bold

He really speaks his mind

Although I scold and I scold

Like people have feelings

Show some self control

He’s like you do it too dad

Boy do as you are told

I can’t lie

He is so right

And just like the others

He’ll fight if you like

But he’d ratherLaugh and have fun

But he disappears

Until all the chores are done

Man it feels good to know

That you will still live on

When you are long gone

So I teach them all I can

And I try to understand

Although their music is hard to comprehend

These silly groups and bands

And all the new trends

In the end

I just want good citizens

They show so much empathy and compassion

They tell stories and imagine

And they understand, That bad things happen

I am shocked that I made them

I hug and embrace them

Some days I wish I could erase them

They are so amazing

They are no longer babies

At times We fall out

And they drive me crazy

For them I stop at nothing

You kids are so lucky

That you have an awesome dad

Who is super cool and drives real fast

Let’s you do anything

Like eat cake and ice cream

For breakfast

That disciplines you when you are bad

I love them even when I am mad

And they hate me

I hate to see them sad

Sure that’s what they say when their angry

But kids need discipline

Yet I listen

To understand and see what I am missing

Because I love em

And they know it

Put no one above them

I don’t just say it

I show it

I’m not a disappointment

After all the missed appointments

Because of all the training

And the lonely deployments

Time is short, enjoy it

I wish I could push pause

They get big they get tall

Please stop growing

Buying shoes and clothes is really annoying

They want all the brand names

And the video games

Cell phones and other crazy things

I am through

But I do know this is true

They repeat what they see

They do what you do

They say what they hear

Especially when they think you are not near

Enjoy this journey

Teach them wrong from right

They grow up so fast

The memories will last

They will be all that you have

And you will look back

When you relax

And be happy

That you were a daddy

It’s gone overnight

Hey that’s life

You are the role model 24/7

So make sure you do right

Through them you will live on,
Even in heaven


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