Positive thoughts

Use your words


What’s how you communicate

Say what you mean

Mean what you say

That’s how you get you way

Don’t curse

Say positive things

Words hurt if used the wrong way

Stick and stones

Are dull pain

Words cut like razor blades

Live life

On your terms

That’s how you live and learn

Set goals

Then achieve them

It won’t be easy

Tell jokes

Laugh often

Because you can’t laugh in a coffin

Help out


Do it now and do it here

They say motivation fades

That’s why we refresh everyday

We get dirty

We bathe

Motivation works the same way

If you don’t

You’ll stink

Everyone will stay away

Meet people

Where they are

Have empathy have a heart

The universe

Is vast

Sometimes we move too fast

Then get mad

And overreact

We must learn from prior acts

Chill out

Be mindful

Greatness is inside you

Positive people

Will remind you

And walk right beside you

Surround yourself

With them

Let them counsel and advise you

Sometimes you forget your worth

They are there to remind you

Everyday you are awake
Is a new chance

An opportunity to be great

Stay woke

Stay straight

Never use the word can’t

Breathe in


In your mind you must feel safe

Everything starts in the mind

Trust the process

You will be fine

I won’t lie

No one is happy

All of the time

That is called

Being high

If you like it then it’s fine

Truth is

We all get upset

We all have bad days

At times we get depressed

We cannot

Allow ourselves to digress

Pick your self up we aren’t done yet

We cannot

Stay that way

Carpe Diem

Seize the day

You have to trust


You cannot always run

Your thoughts

Are your prayers

Pray boldly if you dare

Have no worries

A little care

Positive vibes

Will get you there

Live a little

Let down your hair

If you’re bald

It’s unfair

Sweet dreams

Or nightmares

Be joyous or be scared

The grass

Isn’t greener

Don’t even look over there

I believe

Health is wealth

Don’t hurt

Just help

be bold, be yourself

You cannot be

Someone else

Did I say


I just contradicted myself

Oh well

I am human

A little broken

But not ruined

I am resilient

I am committed

I am determined


A work in progress

Far from finished

In conclusion

You can do it

You are smart

You are not stupid

Life changes

Life is fluid

You will win

You can do it


5 thoughts on “Positive thoughts

    1. So did I. I figured if I make my positive self talk public we could all benefit

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I am, right. You are pretty awesome yourself.

          Liked by 1 person

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