Thank you for being a friend

Thank you for being a friend

For taking the time to listen in

I can talk to you and feel like you understand

I enjoy our conversations and wish that they never end

So much on my my  mind I never know where to begin

But wherever I start you always put good input in

I cherish that and you get much respect

I am so confusing at times I get myself upset

But you are patient and for that I won’t forget

Not too many people know me on any level

But with you I have no barriers

Haven’t known you long but I feel like its forever

Positive reinforcement and you, you make me better

I hope you achieve all that you ever dream

Because above all else you make me believe

And want me to be a much much better me

And most of all I hope that you find inner peace

Because to me you are good as good can be

And you deserve everything you want as well as all you need

I never knew anyone could help me see

I’m so withdrawn but around you I can be free

You know a lot of good and bad things about me

But you do and that’s so cool

Spiritually I truly connect to you

I wish nothing but the best for you

The universe is protecting you

I have said enough but know all I said is true

This is the end

Again, Thank you for being a friend
















3 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend

  1. A beautiful tribute to friendship


    1. Sometimes you have to let true friends know. Communication is key. And thanks.


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