Tattoo regret

Dear tattoos

I hate you

I got a permanent mark

And I have no clue

Exactly why, or what I trying to prove

Do you know the pain that I went through

And the money I spent to get you

Let me tell you, my mother was very upset

“Boy go wash the ink off of your skin”

“Mom this is real I am a grown little man”

“Well that just silly do you think that you are bad”?

“It’s just self expression mama don’t be mad”

“I am not upset, go and show your dad”

That was some drama I’ll never forget

Hearing them bicker, they are still not over it

I made a decision in haste to get something to last forever

Ink therapy, I don’t feel better

I got you as a tribute to preserve memories

When all along I didn’t have to bleed

I got you on my chest, it was hard for me to breathe

I got you on my arm, I was going to do a sleeve

I stopped after that

And I never went back

My body is no longer a canvas

I wish I had it back

So in summary, yes I have regrets

Nothing I can do about it, that is what I get

But if I could do it all over, I would never get

A tattoo when I’m not done living yet

The aftermath isn’t  what you might expect

Dear tattoos, you are now my ex

Not getting you removed, I just have regrets



















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