One day at a time

I take it one day at a time

No two days are remotely alike

I meditate to clear my mind

I write poems to pass the time

Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean that your blind

Maybe you should just open your eyes

Step out be free you just have to try

True friendship is so hard to find

Please don’t worry I am doing fine

I just have so much on my mind

I need to relax and try to unwind

I am just trying to survive

I sleep some of the time

I toss and turn most of the night

My days never seem right

But I learned to search for the light

Nothing is ever all wrong or right

I don’t hate or take sides

I just let it go and I will survive

I don’t ever internalize

I question nothing nor ask why

I just rock steady that is how I survive

I live a regular life

I have kids and sometimes a wife

But I am alive

I tell the truth and done ever lie

We may not see eye to eye

But I will fight for your rights

I am so at peace whenever I write

I wish I didn’t have to fight

I like long quiet nights

I wish had more insight

And had someone that knows what I like

I am just loving this life

And will hold on with all of my might

I am just taking it one day at time

This is the end I hope you dont mind


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