It’s a wonderful journey this thing we call life

You don’t know what you will encounter what, what, where or why

Somethings last and you don’t ever have to say goodbye

Other things are over before you can even say hi

The only constant in the equation is this thing call time

We all have a limited amount of it and when you need more it flies

People enter and leave our lives

All you can take with you are the feelings and the memories

How you treated other people your friends and enemies

You can choose to dwell on your losses or your victories

Or cherish material things or live simply

I choose to take it all in one day at a time

I don’t control my fate this is all by design

All the world is a stage we are actors in a play

We have our entrances and exits it’s quite a complex game

Sometimes we experience pleasure at other times we feel pain

If you lose yourself worth in the process what have you gained

You have to take the good with the bad because no day is the same

Trying to fight what is natural is really and truly insane

Some choose to make the best of it some choose to complain

Either way that clock is still ticking so why let it waste

Once you realize that on the macro level we are the same

You can appreciate that life is but a game

You will never win no matter how hard you play

How many times they save your life is just a delay

One day you will close your eyes and this will all go away

How you made people feel and the words that you say

Whether or not you contributed to the greater good and how you left this place

The next second or minute someone else will meet this fate

Birth and death are the continuing themes throughout this whole thing

No matter the circumstances we enter and leave the world the same

The in between is our choice as we try to fine the way

If we were smart we’d appreciate every moment of every second

It is not guaranteed it’s a blessing

Teachable moments and lots of lessons

Spread the love it is infectious

Negativity is also contagious

Buying into it is outrageous

Live your best life forget the anguish

We can only preserve life we can never save it


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