Life of mine

First off, I ride for my people

You remember what people say and how they treat you

I am not above or beneath you

You should be respected we are equals

I don’t do anything immoral or illegal

I am transparent

My motives you can see through

I will never lie or mislead you

The old me would

Just because he could

That bastard was no freaking good

Just so you know he died eight years ago

He had to die he had to go

The shit he did was oh so low

Anyway back to the current me

That guy is good as can be

Every morning I raise my head

Thank the lord I am not dead

Then I roll out of the bed

And my day begins

I already know I am going to win

Count at least three blessing before my day ends

I go to work and get it in

Just be myself there’s no pretend

Cast the first stone if you are without sin

Otherwise just repent

Karma is the definition of bitch

You get back what you put out

That is how the universe works

It all comes full circle cursed since birth

Be it anger, joy, love or hurt

Keep doing bad, it gets worse

Start doing good, your fortunes turn

Be wary of the bridges that you burn

If you grew up with bad habits break the curse

It’s about balance and proportionality

No absolutes change your mentality

Nothing changes over night just wait your tun

Action, reaction just live and learn

Don’t ever compare yourself to others

You don’t know their walk or their struggle

No one is beneath or below you

You judge character by what they show

Use real metrics to gauge success

Did I try my hardest did I do my best

In the end life’s a test

We are all works in progress

Until our death

Heading to the top I’ll see you there

Sometimes it is hard but we shouldn’t care

Life can seem cruel and so unfair

If it was easy everyone would do it

Be passionate about your journey

And pursuit it

Nothing ventured nothing gained man just do it

You are already well suited just go and prove it


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