Sexually assaulted

I was sexually assaulted

You would have thought I would have fought it

But I froze

What had he done?

Did he just grab me in front of everyone?

I was stunned

No where to hide, cry or run

There I stood

Man I feel bad this isn’t good

My man hood

What I experienced can’t be easily understood

I felt so cold

It got even worse when I told

He was callous and so bold

First they laughed

Shit wasn’t funny I got mad

They took me seriously when I showed my ass

Said please calm down before things gets bad

It was bad

Shit wasn’t funny it was sad

I can’t explain how it made me feel

Shit was nasty it was ill

I could kill

WE were in Afghanistan I had that steel

If they won’t fix it then I will

They took it away

I was going to get that bastard the very next day

A single shot not a spray

He’d be blown away

Shoot that sneaky bastard in his face

But I delayed

They reassigned him he went away

I can still see his fat ugly face

Dude is gay

These thoughts never go away

I was livid

A few years later I heard he re-offended

I feel like failed the latest victim

Wasn’t me but a fucked up system

I’m indifferent

It should’ve ended

Men are trash I feel bad for women

Male or female it makes no difference

This is serious

It still hunts me

This could’ve happen to anyone but me

Looking back I wish had reacted differently

Now I think No one gets me

They are all my enemies

Girl grabbed by my sack

Balls and all I the whole damn pack

I didn’t laugh revictimized

Then I spased, as she laughed

Called her friends over like look at this

Girl that thing nice aint it big

I said you bitch

Get the fuck off me you aint shit

Then I quit

From that day on I had no friends

No matter what I just cant win

That is partly why I am like this

Girls aint shit

I don’t even say suck my dick

They might take me literally and do that shit

People think they can do what they want

Man I quit

Needed to get this out it hurts like shit

Feel so powerless

Now here I sit

A mad man who stays to himself

No one was there when I needed help

20 witnesses no one yelled

Then you wonder why I’m mean and give you hell

Ask yourself

Would you help if you were there

Its easy to say oh hell yea

It isn’t fair

So I live my life in despair

But no one really cares

I’m walking outside I need some air

As I walk I wonder why

I feel so bad but I don’t cry

You can see it in my eyes

Life’s a lie

I wanna say fuck the world and good bye

But my kids

They are the reason why I live

Don’t like myself but to them I give

I forgive


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